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Belize is a nation-state located on the eastern coast of Central America. It is bordered to the north by Mexico and to the south and west by Guatemala. It counts a population of 340,844 people and Belmopan is its capital. Belize has the largest cave system in Central America. These can be found in the dense rainforest that attract thousands of people every year. This country has an exotic beauty with sandy beaches and clear blue waters and it is also bordered to the east by the Caribbean Sea. The climate of Belize is tropical with an average yearly temperature of 29°C accompanied by costal sea breezes. It is divided in two seasons which are the rainy and the dry season. Most of the precipitation occurs during the period between June and November. During the winter the temperature in Belize rarely falls below 16° and summers are dry and sunny with average temperatures of 30°C.

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