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The weather in Bolivia

Free weather forecast for the week and for the next 10 days for Bolivia. Get a complete weather forecast for this South American country for free with Weather Wherever.

The climate in Bolivia

Bolivia is a country situated in western-central South America. It is bordered by Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile and Peru to the west. It counts a population of around 1. 1 million people with Sucre its capital and Santa Cruz de la Sierra its largest city. Bolivia offers many attractions to visitors such us the Salar de Uyuni on the southwestern side. The Salt Flats are a totally different experience and a must in Bolivia! The climate in Bolivia varies from one place to another. It is tropical in the eastern llanos with an average temperature of 30°C and polar in the western Andes with average temperatures of 15 to 20°C. Summers are warm and humid in the east while dry in the west. Winters are very cold in the west with snows over the hills.

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