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The weather in Cameroon

Find out what the weather forecast is for Cameroon tomorrow and for the next 10 days. Discover our free weather bulletin with today and tomorrow's weather for major Cameroon cities.

The climate in Cameroon

Cameroon is a country situated in Central Africa. It counts a population of around 22 million people with Yaoundé its capital and Douala the largest city. Cameroon is also called “Africa in miniature” due to its geological and cultural variation. It is a country with stunning active volcanoes, white sand beaches and exotic landscapes. Cameroon offers many attractions to its visitors such us Benoue National Park. This park is home to many different kind of animals such as hippopotamuses, crocodiles, hyena, giraffes and lions. It is also the home of the Mandara Mountains, the most popular place for hikers. The climate in Cameroon varies from one place to another. The coastal side experiences a tropical climate while in the North it is semiarid and hot. In Yaoundé the annual average temperatures are between 19°C and 31°C.

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