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Find out what the weather forecast is for Canada tomorrow and for the next 12 days. Discover our free weather bulletin with today and tomorrow's weather for major Canadian cities.

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Consisting of ten provinces and three territories, Canada is a large country in North America, spanning from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic. It has a population of almost 10 million. It has been inhabited for centuries by Aboriginal peoples. From the late 15th century, British and French explorers began to arrive and settle. Today, it is a federal state with Queen Elizabeth II as its head of state. Popular destinations include Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Niagara Falls. Canada's climate varies from region to region with average temperatures differing by location. Winters may be harsh with temperatures below freezing and snowfall. Coastal British Columbia enjoys a temperate climate with a mild and rainy winter. On the coasts, the average high temperatures are around 20°C in summer while they tend to range from 25 to 30°C elsewhere.

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