Dominican Republic Weather forecast

Dominican Republic

The weather for the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean

Today's weather and a 12 day weather report for the Dominican Republic are available on Weather Wherever. Get the week's weather forecast for the cities in this Caribbean nation.

The climate in the Dominican Republic

Found on the Hispaniola Island with the country of Haiti in the Greater Antilles, the Dominican Republic has a population of 10 million. As the most visited destination in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic offers year-round golf courses, several mountain ranges, and beach resorts. Ecotourism has also been growing on the island. The climate for this island nation is mostly tropical with an average annual high temperature of 25°C. August is the hottest month of the year. There is a wet season that lasts November through January along the northern coast and May through November elsewhere. Annual precipitation is 1,500mm. Tropical cyclones and hurricanes may hit the country.

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