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The climate in Ecuador

Ecuador is a country situated in north-western South America. It is bordered by Colombia, Peru and the Pacific Ocean to the west. It counts a total population of around 15.2 million people with Quito its capital and Guayaquil the largest city. It is a country with natural beauty and a great place for ecotourism. Ecuador is an attractive destination for tourists since it boasts a variety of landscapes such us volcanoes, rain forests, and beautiful beaches. Due to the fact that Ecuador lies on the equator, its climate benefits from 12 hours of sun during the whole year. The climate varies between regions. In the coastal lowlands it is warm with average temperatures of 25°C. In Quito, the weather is cooler due to its elevation with average daily temperatures of 18.9 °C. There are two seasons in the capital; the dry period which occurs from June to September and the rainy period from October to May.

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