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Tomorrow's weather forecast for Georgia and for the next 10 days. Discover the weather bulletin for major cities of Georgia on Weather Wherever.

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Georgia is a country situated in the Caucasus region of Eurasia and more specifically in the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. It counts a total population of around 5 million people with Tbilisi its capital and largest city. Georgia is renowned for its beautiful landscapes and the numerous different activities that it offers to its visitors. It combines sea and mountains making it attractive for every kind of taste. The climate in Georgia is subtropical and humid with hot summers and mild winters. The climate on the east coast and in the mountains in the north is affected by the Atlantic Ocean. The average temperatures during January and July are 4°C to 26°C. Winters are mild with cooler temperatures across northern and central Georgia. Summers are warm with average daily temperatures of 32°C. Tornadoes and tropical cyclones are common here.

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