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If you have kids, take them to the planetarium. Athens has one of the best planetariums in the world. They propose high-speed virtual trips through the galaxy as well as IMAX movies about ancient Greece. Their entertaining and educational shows are truly fascinating and make it an innovative way for kids to learn about science and history.A very good place to eat where you can get great value for money is Neon. It is a Greek fast-food restaurant, although it is much healthier than the fast-food restaurants we may know. At Neon, you can buy burgers, pasta dishes, fish and salads and everything is cooked in front of you with fresh ingredients. Portions are generous and you can find Neon restaurants all over the city.Visit the poet/sandal maker of Athens, Stavros Melissinos. His books of poetry, plays and essays have been translated into English, French, German and Italian and his best known work The Rubaiyat is used in a number of American universities. He has been the subject of documentaries on the BBC. The shop of The Poet has attracted some of the biggest names in art and culture of the last half century including the Beatles and Sophia Loren. When asked why such a famous poet would continue to have a regular job as a sandal maker, he replied A writer who does nothing but write is like the moon, which gives off some light, but borrowed from the sun. A writer needs first-hand experience, which only working in another field can give him. Otherwise he is rewriting what he has read in other books. 2 Agias Theklas StreetPsirri-MonastirakiTel: +30 210 3219247 Athens, GreeceIt’s not difficult to find a taxi in Athens but keep in mind that because it’s really cheap compared to other places in Europe, taxi drivers tend to overcharge you. For example, a ride from the international airport to the city center should not cost you more than £21/25€. TOP TIPS: Wear comfortable rubber-soled shoes to walk in the city as its ancient stones are slippery. People in Greece usually have dinner later than in the UK. Many restaurants open around 8pm and serve until midnight! As a consequence, most establishments don’t open before noon.

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Holiday: My family and I had a great time in Athens. Discovering what’s left of the Greek civilization is simply fascinating. But the Greek capital city has so much more to offer. The Agora, Athens’ central market is a lively place where you can buy fresh fruits, meat and vegetables at reasonable prices. Eating seafood in a restaurant on the port (Piraeus) is also a nice experience. The view on the city when you are at the top of the Mount Lycabettus is so spectacular that it is worth the effort. And if you want to escape from the city for a while, take a boat to one of the gorgeous Greek islands. As far as I am concerned, I went to Santorini. We all had a great relaxing stay there, I would recommend this to everyone. Weather: We travelled in April and it was quite hot already. Get ready for the heat and if you can’t take it any longer, go to the beach!Don’t miss: The archaeological monuments and ruins of course, as well as the National Archaeological Museum cannot be ignored. And try to go to a Greek island, you will have an unforgettable time. Food: Don’t be afraid of eating too much Greek food, it is famous for being much healthier than the one from northern Europe countries and on top of that, it is delicious !

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The first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens, in the year 1896. In 2004, Athens again played host to Olympic Games.

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Situated on the south part of Greece, Athens is also known as one of the oldest cities in the world. Home of Plato and Aristotle, it is frequently referred as the creed of philosophy, civilization and democracy. Within its administrative limits, it has a population of 664,000. The most famous and most visited monuments are the Parthenon and the National Archaeological Museum. Its subtropical Mediterranean climate creates an alternation between long hot and dry summers and really wet winters. The highest temperature in summertime is usually set around 33°C but can rise up to 38°C. In winter, the average temperatures don’t go below 5°C.