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The climate in Guatemala

Guatemala is a small country situated in Central America. It is bordered by Mexico to the north/northwest, by Belize to the northeast, by Honduras to the southeast and El Salvador to the south. As the birthplace and heartland of the ancient Maya, the country is in many ways defined by the legacy of this early civilisation. Guatemala today is a legacy of Maya and colonial traditions, mixed with the Latin and North American culture of the twenty-first century. The climate in Guatemala is sub-tropical and tropical. The average annual temperatures on the coast are between 25°C and 30° C. In the central highlands the average is 20°C and in the higher mountains 15° C. In Guatemala City, the average minimums for January are 11° C and the maximums are 23° C. During the month of July, the average minimums are 16°C and the maximum is 26° C. The rainy season is mainly from May to October inland and up to December along the coast. The dry season starts from November and lasts until April. Guatemala, because of its steadily temperate climate, is also called "Land of Eternal Spring."

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