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The climate in Haiti

Haiti is a Caribbean country that includes the western one-third of the island of Hispaniola. It counts a population of approximately 10 million people with Port-au-Prince its capital and the largest city. It is the third largest Caribbean country and the most mountainous place with Pic la Selle its highest point at 2680 metres high. Haiti offers numerous attractions to visitors such as Petionville, one of the most popular destinations. Located in the country's capital city, you can admire the beautiful Caribbean landscapes. The climate in Haiti is mainly humid tropical characterised by the daily temperature variations. Temperatures are affected by elevation. In January and February average temperatures are around 25°C and around 30°C between July and August, the warmest months. Port-au-Prince, at sea level, has an average temperature around 16°C and it is possible to see frost during winter time at high elevations.

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