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The Hungarian Forint (HUF) is the currency in Hungary. Basically what you need to remember is that 1HUF=0,03GBP.Budapest is split in 2 areas by the river Danube: Buda and Pest. Orientation is not a big problem, the Royal Castle and Citadella Castle in Buda are 2 good landmarks to help you find your way as well as the seven bridges crossing the river.The public transportation system is easy to understand. We suggest you to buy the Budapest card! It gives you unlimited free travel in the city as well as discounts at museums and restaurants. (£20 for 2 days/£23 for 3 days) 1 and 3-day travel cards are also available but the Budapest card remains the best deal. Senior citizens resident in the European Union and over the age of 65 travel for free but need to carry an ID proving their age at all times.If you get the chance, experience an opera at Budapest’s State Opera House. The building is spectacular, inside and outside. (Price range: approx. £2 to £35)Visit the Great Market Hall, it has been recently renovated and has an essential atmosphere. And don’t forget to compare prices and bargain!Finally if you have a guide book or a map edited before September 2008, buy a new one! Indeed, a new bus and tram numbering system has recently been introduced in Budapest, and many routes have been modified.

Travel review

I went to Budapest alone 2 years ago and loved it. The hospitality of Hungarian people is remarkable, they are willing to help and most of them speak English.I would recommend taking a boat trip on the Danube at night as the lights on the buildings are truly beautiful. Budapest has a great amount of springs and spas so don’t leave the city without trying one! I went to the Széchenyi Baths, the springs here are the hottest and the deepest in Budapest. There’s an open air pool and everything you need to relax. However, be aware that taxi drivers tend to overcharge you. Before sitting into the car, ask how much it will cost to go to your destination and if it’s too expensive, go away and try to find another one, or try the public transportation!

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Quite a few movies have been filmed in Budapest, although the city often stands in for somewhere else. They include The Matador, Underworld, I Spy, Munich, Spy Game and Evita.

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The climate in Budapest

The capital and largest city in Hungary with a population of 1.7 million, Budapest is located in Central Hungary on the River Danube. Budapest is a political, cultural, industrial, and transportation centre. The city has a long history dating back to the arrival of the Celts before 1AD. Today, it is a large global city that attracts many visitors. Popular attractions include the Parliament, Saint Stephen’s Basilica, and the Nagyteteny Castle Museum. Castle Hill and the River Danube embankments are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Budapest’s climate is a humid continental, transitional climate. Winters are cold, and the summers are warm and humid with frequent rainfall. Average high temperatures in winter are around 0 to 1°C. In summer, they range from 24 to 26°C. Average precipitation is 590mm per year.