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The weather for Jersey

Get the week's weather forecast for Jersey. Find out what the weather will be in this island country near France today and for the next 10 days.

The climate in Jersey

Jersey is an English island situated off the coast of Normandy, in France. It is the largest isle of the Channel Islands and counts a population of approximately 98,000. French and English influences blend into a really interesting melting pot of different cultures. The country is renowned for the stunning scenery, rich heritage and varied lifestyles. From old castles, museums, wildlife or adventure parks, there are many activities for visitors. Jersey enjoys a temperate climate, with mild winters and cool summers. The Atlantic Ocean that surrounds the island has a cooling effect in summer and a warming effect in winter. During summer, average temperatures are between 13°C and 19°C while the average in winter is 6°C. The cold months also receive quite heavy precipitations.

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