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Kenya's climate

Lying on the equator on the Indian Ocean in East Africa, Kenya is a country with a population of 44 million. The country is named for the second highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kenya. The area has been inhabited since the Lower Palaeolithic period. Today, the country's capital Nairobi is a regional commercial hub. The country exports tea, coffee, and fresh flowers. Holidaymakers are attracted by the country's natural beauty and wildlife, with coastal beaches and game reserves. Safaris and tours are available at the country's National Parks and Game Reserves such as Nairobi National Park, Mount Kenya National Park, and Lake Nakuru National Park. Kenya's climate varies from tropical along the coast to temperate and arid inland and in the north. The country is typically sunny and warm year-round. The rainy season occurs from March/April to May/June and again from October to November/December. The average annual temperature ranges from 22 to 30°C on the coast, 13 to 25° in Nairobi, and 23 to 35°C in the dry northern plain lands. The hottest period is February and March, and the coldest is July and August.

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