Looking for something to do this weekend? How about a weekend full of spectacular flying displays full of colour? What about watching kites battle high up in the air? Or even stunning synchronised routines set to music? That’s what is in store for you over the weekend!

The Festival

Currently celebrating its 27th year, the Bristol International Festival of Kites and Air Creations was originally started by three kite enthusiasts and designers. What started as a small event with a budget of £300 has now turned into one of the world’s most respected and popular events among both kite flyers and the public.

Each year, the festival welcomes flyers from around the world including guests from Australia, the United States, Japan, China, and Israel. It is one of Europe’s biggest kiting events and features giant 3D creatures, aerial battles, synchronised stunt routines, and power kites.

And best of all, the festival is free!

The 2013 festival takes place from 11am to 5pm Saturday 31 August and Sunday 1 September at Ashton Court Estate in Bristol.

Interesting Kite Facts

The fastest recorded kite speed is over 120mph.

The largest number of kites flown on a single line is 11,284.

There are 78 rules about kite fighting in Thailand.

Kites have been used for centuries in wars and battles.

It is believed that the first kites were flown over 3,000 years ago and that they were made of leaves.

Kites have long been used for fishing and have been used in numerous sea rescues.

More adults fly kites than children in the world.

You don’t need wind to fly a kite.

Some Japanese kites weigh over 2 tons!

Kite flying was banned in Japan in 1760, because people liked flying kites more than going to work.


Enjoy this video featuring some of the spectacular displays seen at the festival in 2011! Let’s hope we have a beautiful weekend, perfect for a colourful show!

Alfiejobbins / YouTube


Photo credit: Arentas (CC BY-SA 2.0)