Our Selection of August Vegetables


by Shannon Harto Monday 12 August 2013

© Petr Kratochvil

Aubergines normally come into season starting this month. If growing them in your garden, be sure to pick them when they’re about 6 inches long, and the skin is shiny. At the market, choose ones that are firm with shiny skin. A raw aubergine may be slightly bitter, but the flavour develops and becomes rich when cooked. A good way to prepare aubergine is to remove the stem, cut it up, and bake it with some olive oil.

Health benefits

Aubergines are full of an antioxidant compound called chlorogenic acid which may help to fight free radicals, protect cells from mutating into cancer cells, and help to lower bad cholesterol. If you leave the skin on, it is rich in nasunin, another antioxidant. The vegetable is also a good source of dietary fibre, vitamins A, B, and C, folate, and several minerals. A serving of aubergine has only 27 calories, no fat, and 6 carbs!

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