Who hasn't looked up which celebrity they share a birthday with? We know we certainly have. That is why we have looked at the most famous celebs to have their birthday in the upcoming month of March. 

February is almost over, so if your birthday is in the third month of the year, you can count your lucky stars as you share it with these guys.

There are movie stars, Olympians, politicians and actors who all have their birthday in March. Here is a famous birthday for every single day of the month

March 1st - Justin Bieber - American singer and songwriter. 

March 2nd - Rebel Wilson - Aussie Actress who stars in Pitch Perfect. 

March 3rd - Camilla Cabelo - Popstar who took the world by storm with her single 'Havana.' 

March 4th - Brooklyn Beckham - The famous son of former Manchester United player, David. 

March 5th - Eva Mendes - A spoldering actress. 

March 6th - Tyler the Creator - Hip-hop artist. 

March 7th - Bryan Cranston - Breaking Bad star. 

March 8th - Freddie Prince jr. - Was in Scooby Doo Movies. 

March 9th - Matthew Gray Gubler - The smart guy from Criminal Minds. 

March 10th - Chuck Norris - This man needs no introduction. 

March 11th - Johnny Knoxville  - He invented Jack Ass. 

March 12th - Mitt Romney - US Politician. 

March 13th - William H. Macy - Frank in Shameless. 

March 14th - Albert Einstein - Gravity was something he knew about. 

March 15th - Will. I. Am - A Black Eyed Pea. 

March 16th - Alexandra Daddario - Actress, who recently starred in an episode of It's Always Sunny. 

March 17th - Hozier - Irish rock star. 

March 18th - Adam Levine - The lead singer of Maroon 5. 

March 19th - Bruce Willis - The star of the Die Hard movies. 

March 20th - Ruby Rose - Acting sensation who was in Orange Is The New Black. 

March 21st - Gary Oldman - Movie star. 

March 22nd - Reece Witherspoon - Actress and activist. 

March 23rd - Mo Farrah - Mult-time Olympic Gold medalist. 

March 24th - Jim Parsons - Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory. 

March 25th - Danica Patrick - She is a racecar driver and a model. 

March 26th - Keira Knightley - British actress. 

March 27th - Jessie J - Popstar and reality TV judge. 

March 28th - Lady GaGa - Probably the biggest popstar on the planet. 

March 29th - Elle MacPherson - Former model who also acts. 

March 30th - Celene Dion - Canadian singer. 

March 31st - Brendan Gleeson - Irish actor, 


Who do you share your day with? Whether it's Celine Dion or Brooklyn Beckham, we hope you have a great day and get all the things that you want! Many happy returns !