For a field of study that goes back hundreds of years, many people don't know much about the subject of astrology. It is still shrouded in relative mystery, with only a select few investing the time (and sometimes money) needed to learn about the ancient craft. 

Of course, most people know their star signs and can place themselves on the zodiac calendar, but for almost everyone, that's as far as their interest goes. 

Luckily for you, we are here to share a little more info on the subject. 

Here are some facts you probably didn't know about astrology... 

It's older than you think 

Astrology as we know it today dates back to Ancient Greece, but men and women have been looking up to the stars for answers to life's great questions since the dawn of time. 

The likes of Homer and Plato both spoke on the subject and all the great philosophers throughout history have had an opinion on the subject. 

Mentioned in the great works 

Many of the world's greatest writers have spoke about the subject, with the likes of Dante Alighieri, Geoffrey Chaucer, William Shakespeare, Lope de Vega and Calderón de la Barca all mentioning astrology in their works. 

As far as promotion goes, it doesn't get much greater than that. 

One in four believe 

Approximately one in four people in the USA, Canada and the UK believe that the stars and planet positions may impact their every day life. Many, many more read their star signs in the daily news just for a bit of fun. 

Whichever one of those groupings you fit into, there is no doubting one thing, that astrology can be a great deal of fun. 

Women first 

According to the astrology website, the vast majority of horoscope readers are women. In fact, it is estimated that three out of every four people who read horoscopes are female. 

One famous woman who was a believer was Nancy Reagan. She employed an astrologer after her husband and former US president, Ronald Reagan, was shot. She wanted to predict future events. 

Big money

There is a massive industry behind astrology. According to a survey in the late 90s, it was estimated that $100m a year was spent on astrology in the USA alone.  

Many believe that this is a much bigger number now, thanks to the many online astrology websites. 

Big predictions

The most famous astrologer of all-time is Nostradamus. He apparently made such bold predictions as the 9/11 attacks, amongst many others.

The German astrologer, Frau Elsbeth Ebertin, was handed Hitler's birth date in the 20s and she correctly predicted that he would become the Fuhrer. 

It's not just bad news either, as astrologers correctly predict love, fortune and good will for millions of people every day of the year.