When the subject of astrology is brought up, there is always one question that is asked: “Will I be lucky this year?” or is 2018 no different. Everybody wants to know what’s in store for them over the next twelve months.

Even non-believers want to know whether their star sign will make it more likely that they will win the lottery, or get that promotion they are after. Of course, you have to buy a ticket to win the raffle and if you are not working hard, then no amount of luck will lead to promotion.

And sometimes, it’s not luck that leads to success, it’s good will and hard work. Nonetheless, if you still want to know, then here is the answer you are looking for; 2018’s luckiest star signs…


The planets will align for Aries early in the year and this will lead to a very lucky and prosperous 2018 if they play their cards right. Here’s a quick warning though; just because money troubles might cease, that doesn’t mean personal ones will too.

Keep an eye on your priorities, because when the money is coming in, people can often lose sight of what is actually important. Aries temper may get the best of them during the middle of the year, so they should be wary of saying harsh words that they may regret.


Maintaining optimism is a good approach for all Leos this year. You’ll have your ups and downs, but overall, it’s set to be a 12 month period that offers a lot of opportunities. Of course, how you react to those opportunities is key.

Stay positive and you’ll have a fantastic 2018 Leos. Focusing on the negative aspects will breed even more negativity, so set the wheel in motion and allow yourself to have a brilliant year, full of good will and happiness.

June will offer you an opportunity in business, which needs to be analysed intently. Everything isn’t always what it seems. Get over this hurdle and the rest of your year will be terrifically rewarding.


This is an interesting one; Virgos are encouraged to be kind and kindness will come back to them in spades. Massive energy levels are in store for Virgos, so if they take advantage of this for the good will of others, then they will receive it in return.

That sounds like a pretty good deal; so remember Virgos, be nice and niceness will be your reward. November will be a month where everything feels like it is going wrong; persevere and you will get out the other side much stronger and happier.


Those three signs may have the moniker of ‘2018’s most lucky’, but that’s not to say that the year won’t offer opportunities for others.

Each sign has their months with plenty of challenges and their months with several opportunities and it how you react to these situations that will make your year truly ‘lucky’ or ‘unlucky’.