There are so many positives associated with being into astrology, for instance it reassures you that we are not all living in on a chaotic rock hurtling through space and there is some meaning to it all. It also gives some guidance when it is crucially needed.  

Asides from it's deeper meanings, it is also great fun. Just try explaining to someone that you read your dog's horoscope and you'll see what we mean. 

However, it's not all positive. 

When you tell people that astrology is a positive part of your life, you'll usually hear one of the following things... 

Isn't astrology very vague? 

There are elements of the practice that rely on estimations and the Barnum effect, but for the most part astrology is an art of interpretation and the better the astrologer, the better the interpretation. 

Also, why do people who don't want something in their life always resort to critiquing others who do want it in theirs. If it's not affecting you in any way or hurting anybody, surely saying something bad is far worse than saying nothing at all. 

You do know that is fake 

Once again, if something is not affecting you in any way and it is improving another person's life, why metaphorically steal the jam from their doughnut? 

Astrology has its champions and it has its detractors. However, even in a worst case scenario where (for argument's sake) it doesn't have substance based in real life, it is still good fun and some times fiction is a lot closer to the truth than you think. 

Are our signs compatible? 

This is the go to chat up line for people who hear that you're into astrology. The answer to this usually is, 'I don't know if our signs are compatible, but our personalities certainly aren't.' 

Anyone who sees astrology as their vehicle in a journey towards getting closer to someone should get off somewhere near Jupiter. 

Tell me about my sign? 

This is absolutely fine the first five times or so, but by the tenth, it's usually time to start asking for payment. If your friends know you are an astrology buff, you will hear this more times than you care to count and it does get tiresome after a time. 

Particularly when they see you as there very own private Mystic Meg. 

Did you read the article about... 

"So, you're into astrology... therefore, *using non-logic*, you must have read every single thing that has ever been published on the subject, because that's how interests work."

Eh, no it isn't. You support Liverpool FC - did you read their financial reports for the 1989 season? Didn't think so...