We are now in the middle of January and most us will either be struggling with the New Year’s resolutions we made a few weeks ago, or trying to gain the motivation to give them another go after failing miserably.

There’s no doubt that it’s difficult to keep a good habit going after the initial ambitious enthusiasm fades. But what if when you were born could give you the insight into how you should approach trying to make these improvements?

Some people pawn astrology off as ‘just a bit of fun,’ but if nothing else has worked, then surely there is no harm in giving a go? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain if it helps you!


There is a little bit of a warning out there for Aries; if your New Years’ goal was to become better with money, then from March to July you should watch your expenditure. If you do this, then the rest of the year should look after itself, with some good business fortune due around September.


2018 is looking like a promising year for Taurus, but be wary of how you approach things if you’re planning to change jobs. April, May and June aren’t great months for insecurity, so perhaps think twice before you jump into the job market.


Geminis are going to be full of energy this year, so take advantage of that and finally go for that fitness regime you were always putting off. It’s also a great year for travel, but be cautious when borrowing cash as October may be a rough month.


Pressure might get the better of you in work this year – so be careful and try to keep everything in a balance. If your New Year resolution was ‘more rest time,’ then do your best to embrace this as you’ll need a mindful spirit as the year goes on.


Travel, travel, travel; that’s what is in store for Leo in 2018. Make the most of it as this year is set to be one where you’ll be globetrotting; be wary of mysterious strangers though, as they are not always what they seem.


June is not going to be your best month financially, so try to have a plan in place should things go wrong. Other than that, 2018 is due to be a good year, with only one or two falls. As they say in the boxing world, “it’s not the falling down that counts, but how you get back up.”


Prioritise relationships this year as everything else should look after itself. A loved one might need you later in the year and that’s far more valuable than any resolution or business activity.


Make the best of your high energy levels early in the year and set in motion some strong habits. May will see your temperament challenged, but it’s a challenge you’ll get by if you just be true to yourself and those around you. 


Why so serious? 2018 is the year where you should stop being so stern – your career and income will continue rising, so why not have a little fun? October will throw out plenty of opportunities for excitement – embrace them!


January hasn’t been your best month – but you know what? It only gets better from here. Don’t let falling off the wagon hold you back from getting back on it. Your resolve will grow stronger as you do too.


Patience is the name of the game for you. You want everything and you want it now, but life doesn’t work like that. Try to have a little perspective on life and your goals will come to you… it really is that simple.


Spiritual awakening is the goal of many Pisces this year and it’s one that is easier found when off the distractions of social media. Try detoxing yourself from the online world every now and again and you will find greater inner-peace.