The New Year is almost a month old and many of you will be wondering what is in store for you over the rest of this calendar year. Some of you will win big in business, some of you will enjoy riches beyond belief and a select few will even manage to fall in love and start new relationships.


When it comes to love, many believe the answer is in the stars. Whether you take astrology as just a bit of fun, or far more seriously, there is no doubt that predicting the future based on your signs is quite enjoyable..


Thus, without further ado, here are the signs that may be lucky in love in 2018...



Jupiter enhances your ability to communicate directly by the end of June and in early July, so make the most of this. This change may even help you to break the ice with that person you’ve always had a special little thing for… but approach steadily, as true love always waits.


It is set to be an interesting summer for you, as August is a month of desire for Aries in 2018. If that sounds good, that’s because it probably is - play your cards right and you’ll be making the first move in June and making the right moves in August!



This is the year of change for the Libra and you can either embrace that change, or fight it.


Be warned though, that if you embrace it, then good things will probably come your way by the end of the first quarter.


March is set to be a month where a stranger comes into your life; but you know what they say: “A stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet.” When it comes to love, the best answer is always “be kind and kindness will be returned to you” and that is especially true for Libras in 2018.



2018 is a year that will offer plenty of artistic expression for Cancers. They will find that part of their personality is satisfied throughout the year. There may even be a romance which grows out of a collaboration; although it shouldn’t be rushed.


As they say, good things come to those who wait.


There will be moments when this year feels like it is getting the better of you. If that is the case, don’t be afraid to sit back and relax. A cool and calm head is always key.


This is the year where spontaneity takes hold for Virgos. You will act on impulse and it may even lead to a new relationship. This spontaneity comes from Uranus and Neptune pushing you to branch your life out into new and exciting directions.

It’s also set to be a fantastic year for personal growth - so embrace all the change and go with the flow!

So there you have it, four star signs that may be set for love over the New Year.