Summer Ailments

Hay Fever

by Juliette Amadis Friday 12 July 2013

Hay fever
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Summer hay fever rhymes with summertime and always occurs when we least expect it. As you may know, it mostly affects the eyes and nose.

Pollen particles are responsible for hay fever, and they usually appear from the first days of spring until the end of summer. The symptoms are easy to recognise: sneezing attacks, runny nose, itchy eyes, throat and ears and a general feeling of sudden weakness.

To avoid hay fever, the easiest way is to stay away from high pollen areas such as parks and fields, but if they can’t be avoided, then you can always prevent it. Wearing sunglasses will stop the pollen from getting into your eyes. Applying a little Vaseline inside your nose will also reduce symptoms.

If you already have hay fever, the best way to treat it is the use of antihistamine tablets and nasal sprays which must be taken and used regularly. You may need a prescription for the treatments but most of them are available at your local chemist.

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