Summer Ailments

Jellyfish Sting

by Juliette Amadis Friday 12 July 2013

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It is not uncommon to come across Jellyfish during the summer. As you may know, jellyfish usually live in open sea and are brought by the currents to the beaches. The sting of a jellyfish causes an acute burning sensation or an electric shock. Do not panic, we’ve got what you need to relieve the pain!

First of all, you must immediately rinse the wound with sea water or saline solution for about thirty minutes. To stop the itching, apply sand on the wound, allowing it to dry. If you see the tentacle, remove it with tweezers.

As with any other wound, you should disinfect it with an antiseptic solution and most importantly, do not cover it. Meanwhile, avoid swimming and try to ease the pain with ice, bleach and even urine!

If the pain persists or if the injury evolves, consult a doctor.

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