Electional astrology is a particular element of the practice, which focuses on planetary positions on the days that are important to people's lives.

In recent years, it is a practice which has seen incredible levels of growth and it has become particularly popular for people who are tying the knot to consult with an electional astrologer before they pick a date for the big day. 

One such astrologer, Leisa Schaim, spoke to Business Insider about the practice for a recent article. Her insights into the perceived importance of her practice were very insightful. 

Ms Schaim firstly asks the couple for the range of dates that they have has possible wedding days. Then she checks in with the planet of romance, Venus. If this is in the chart on the day, it's a good thing. 

"Venus in Taurus, Libra, or Pisces is nice... Venus is not as good in Scorpio or Aries."

According to the Business Insider article Aries is 'confrontational' and Scorpio is 'evasive.' This is a problem with marriage dates, because according to the piece "love is supposed to be patient and grounded in honesty, but, at times, these two signs can struggle to express those attributes: 

It then adds: "Simply put, having these placements could mean feeling rushed, closed off, or not really in your feelings, on a day you've been looking forward to."

Even the most casual astrology follower would know that Venus or Mercury retrograde on your wedding day wouldn't be viewed as a positive in the astrology world. 

It explains: "The former could be a sign of logistical issues or communicational slip-ups on the day of, while the latter may dredge up old feelings that are better off staying in the past."

We don't know about you guys, but to us that sounds pretty grim. 

Regarding the good things that can happen, obviously Venus in a wedding chart is good, as is the presence of the moon. According to Schaim, this sets an "an emotional backdrop" to the big day. 

Schaim also added that she never tries to talk people out of certain dates, as she says "I don't want to scare people." 

If you're date is already set, then as Schaim puts it, "don't freak out." Almost all experts concede that even a bad day for astrology, can still be a wonderful one for you and your partner. So, enjoy it without worrying too much. 

Weddings are stressful enough and nothing here is any more than a little bit of fun. In the end, the day will be what you make of it.