Back in the day, being a Youtuber was far from a legitimate career choice. These days, it seems like everybody wants to get their face on the online video sharing platform. 

It also seems like some of the most famous people on the planet have come from this arena.

Thus, it's unsurprising to see astrology as regular content within the video sharing website. 

That being said, not every Youtube channel is created equal - so how can you tell the difference between the good and the awful. 

The answer is simple - read our quick guide to the five best youtube astrologers out there at the moment. 

Kelley Rosano

With over 20 million views, Kelly Rosano is one of the most prominent astrology Youtubers out there.

She is a veteran of the Zodiac trade and has been practicing for over 20 years, so it's no surprise to see followers flock to her Youtube channel for wonderful levels of insight. On top of all that, she is also incredibly entertaining and has several other talents. 

Rosano is truly a renaissance woman. 

Lada Duncheva

With roughly 20 new videos each week, Lad Duncheva has carved out an niche for herself as an incredibly active Youtube astrologer.

Not only does she discuss each of the signs, she also gets into how the stars are shaping the world around us. Her innovations are excellent and she really does know how to connect with her audience. 

She is a genuine talent. 

Barbara Goldsmith

This Austrian astrologer has really carved out an interesting hole in the market for herself.

Those of you who like your horoscope delivered in a bright and fun mood will find her channel excellent and enjoyable. She is not the most active of video creators, but when she does release one it is certainly worth the wait. 

Michele Knight 
As a best selling author, Ms Knight has far more strings to her bow than just this astrology channel. That being said, she is certainly a very capable Youtuber and knows how to apply ancient skills to the modern world in a way that we have rarely seen before.

If you're a fan of entertaining classic astrology, then this could be the channel for you. 

Terence Guardino

Terence Guardino is so good at what he does, that he has even been featured on ABC.

He has been in the astrology field since the mid-70s and has featured in the likes of the LA Times and USA Today as well. His reputation precedes him and for good reason too - he is brilliant at what he does and he is a fantastic Youtuber too. Check him out - you won't regret it.