February Gardening

Trees, shrubs and Roses

by Juliette Amadis Wednesday 5 February 2014

Shrubs prunning
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  • Mid to late February is the time to finally fertilise shrubs and evergreens. To do so, you should use an acid type Rhododendron fertiliser to feed evergreens, conifers, Azaleas and Camelias. Use an all purpose fertiliser to feed roses and other deciduous trees and shrubs.
  • If you prune your summer flowering shrubs now, be aware that spring bloomers produced their buds last autumn and pruning them now might result in the loss of flowers. Bush roses and repeat-flowering climbers should be pruned in the next two weeks.
  • If the ground has dried out sufficiently you should finish planting any bare-root or root-balled deciduous trees in shelter belts or hedges. It must be done before mid March.
  • Don’t prune roses until next month as it will encourage growth and frost can damage new cuts. However, February is an ideal time for planting roses.
  • If snow occurs, be sure to shake or brush off the snow from the branches of your evergreens and shrubs.

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