Gardening in August

Taking Care of Your Garden

by Shannon Harto Sunday 4 August 2013

Garden Care
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August tends to be one of the driest months of the year, so make sure that your plants are well watered by watering them regularly. If your plants are hit with drought, they may not recover. A heavy rain shower will not help very dry soil as more water will run off rather than be absorbed. While it might sound absurd, watering during a rain shower can be very effective. The soil surface will be wet, causing more water to be absorbed.

With the possible heat and drought conditions this month brings, if you’re leaving on holiday, it may be a good idea to make arrangements with a family member or friend while you’re away to tend to your garden’s watering needs. The last thing you want is to return to a garden of dead or dying plants after all of your hard work.

Weeding remains important during this month as any weeds present will use the moisture in the ground, stealing water away from your plants and flowers.

The days will be getting shorter with less and less hours of sunshine, marking the approaching end of the growing season. Deadheading your roses and perennials will encourage the plant to reflower, giving you more colour through the end of the summer.

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