Gardening with Kids

A Garden of Their Own

by Shannon Harto Thursday 4 July 2013

Children gardening
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One of the best ways to get children interested in gardening and to keep them motivated is to give them their own garden patch. This can either be a small area in your garden or a container. If it’s a patch in your garden, it’s best to keep it small (especially for young kids) and be sure that it’s in the spot with the best soil and light. We want these gardens to be a success!

Containers are a good idea, because they can be moved around. This may be particularly helpful in inclement weather or to fit the plants’ sunlight needs. You can use proper plant pots or recycle jars or plastic containers.

Have your child decorate the patch or the container to make it their own. They can make signs to label the plants and/or paint pebbles and rocks to put around their garden. And of course, they can decorate their plant pots.

It is also best to have a proper set of gardening tools for your child (depending on age) as toy sets can be ineffective and break easily. If you have an old set, you can pass them on to your child. If not, allow them to work with your tools. It’s a good way to acknowledge how important their work in the garden is to you.

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