Whether it is summer, spring, autumn or winter, there is always something to do in the garden. Now that the cold weather is approaching here are a few tips for your October gardening.


Don’t forget to bring in any houseplants that are still outside. It is important to acclimatise them slowly if you can. If you live in warmer areas of the country, it is worth risking half-hardy perennials until the end of October. On the other hand, if you live in a frost-prone area, it will be necessary to bring them under cover or into the shelter of the house.

Splits and Splices

Persicaria, Geraniums and the likes of Achilea can be cut back now and lifted with a fork and teased apart. With warmth still in the ground, the roots can take hold before winter arrives. Re-use only the healthiest and discard the oldest material on to the compost heap.


Pumpkins and Gourds are better to harvest now and moved into a dry position to prevent them from rotting. It is also time to pick up windfall apples for cooking. The unblemished can be stored in a cool shed to last into the winter months.

Remove leaves

Removing fallen leaves from your lawn is important as it will allow light to hit the soil. You can re-use the garden debris and leaves to start a new compost pile. Renew your soil with a new dressing of compost.


As mentioned in the September Gardening article, now is the perfect time for planting trees , shrubs and perennials as autumn provides the ideal planting conditions!


Photosource: Swaminathan, http://flic.kr/p/57RRmq, (CC BY 2.0)