Since marrying on the 29th April 2011, the couple have breathed a breath of fresh air into the Royal Family. This is especially thanks to the beautiful Kate Middleton, who likes to break the classic image of the Duchess of Cambridge and put herself at the same level as her future subjects. From a common family, she manages to combine, with a certain class, her status of Royal family member and role of young mother of 2 from Berkshire. Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about Catherine Middleton.

She was born on the 9th January 1982

She was born in Reading, Berkshire, UK, her official full name being Catherine Elizabeth Middleton. Her parents made their fortune creating a company specialised in party accessories. She is the eldest of her siblings, who include Pippa and James.

She doesn’t like to be called Kate

Since she became Duchess of Cambridge, protocole has her being called Catherine. Her nickname Kate has come from the tabloids. Even if we can’t resist calling her Kate, she would really rather be called Catherine !

She met William in 2001

Prince William and Catherine didn’t exactly meet on the university benches but they did both study at the prestigious University of St Andrews in Scotland. Kate studied History of Art and William, geography. It was during a charity defilé that the Prince fell for the young woman. Friends to begin with, they began dating officially in 2003. They broke up temporarily in 2007 and William made his marriage proposal in 2010.

She is very sporty

Since she was very young, she has played hockey. She was even Captain of her team at highschool. She is also very keen on skiing, swimming and tennis.

She wears her clothes several times

Even if this information might seem a little odd, it is true. The Duchess of Cambridge is known to wear again the outfits that she has on during her trips away or at official ceremonies. A veritable fan of shopping, while she does ofcourse wear some very expensive pieces, she also likes more accessible highstreet shops like Zara, TopShop or H&M.

She organises a proper Christmas with her children

The tradition and Protocole surrounding Christmas within the Royal family are very strict : In effect, the atmosphere isn’t very relaxed. All frills and bows and tralala, the guests receive, a few days before Christmas, their very busy Christmas day schedule. It all happens at Sandringham Palace, where everybody must arrive according to hierarchical order and seniority. Nobody is allowed to go to bed before the Queen. Kate has always ensured they have a ‘non-official’ Christmas with her children. A much more relaxed and most importantly, less protocol event with Christmas jumpers, a Christmas tree and present opening in pyjamas.

She likes to party

Since she was a student, the young Catherine loves to party. The tabloids had a field day when she broke up with William in 2007. We saw her going from night club to night club. It has even been said of her that she holds her drink well, even better than William !

She has had a « real » job

Before joining the Royal family and officially becoming Duchess Catherine was project manager for her parent’s company. She was in charge of the design of and photos on the website.

She has some famous cousins

Although she is not an aristocrat, The young Catherine is geneologically linked to some big names ! Even if these connections are quite distant ones, she has ascendants on the side of George Washington, first President of the United States. She also has links with Guy Ritchie and Ellen Degeneres.