Although not as powerful as the hurricane force winds of the past few days, Britain and Ireland are set to be hit by three more powerful storms in the next few days.

Low pressure systems which have been building up over the Atlantic in the past few days will hit coastal areas and will swamp already flooded communities in Somerset and Thames Valley, bringing more severe rainfall, heavy snow and powerful gales.

Many areas will experience strong gusts of 60-80 mph in the coming days, along with relentless rain. On Friday, Wales and south west England are likely to be the worst affected by the bad weather.

Sunday should be drier and quieter but another depression is set to sweep across England on Monday with more rain. It should stop raining next Tuesday and Wednesday, giving some respite to thousands of households that have been flooded.

Unfortunately, a third storm will bring more rain and gales next Thursday.


Photo: © Anna Omelchenko -