Following the announcement of Prince Harry’s engagement to American actress and model Meghan Markle in November of last year, everyone’s been talking about the royal wedding, which is set to take place on May 19th. A British Royal Wedding only comes around once in a blue moon and is a always an excuse to don a tiara and start using the ‘royal we’. we’re giving you 5 reasons why we can’t wait to pop a bottle of bubbly, crack a packet of biccies and sit in front of the telly.




  1. It’s Always a Grand Occasion

Though not being declared a national holiday, as with the wedding of Harry’s older brother William and his bride Kate, the event is still taking place on a Saturday, meaning there will be a huge amount of people watching at home and abroad. In 1981, one billion people tuned in from all over the world to watch the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess of Diana, a figure that almost double for William and Kate’s ceremony in 2011. Where will you watch it? At home? The pub?


  1. Simply No Expense Will be Spared

From decorations to limos, a wedding is always a costly affair. However, with the Royal Family putting down the cash, experts have expected that the ceremony is going to cost upwards of half a million pounds sterling, meaning that it’ll be a prime opportunity to tune in and have a gawk at the size of the cake!



3. The Dress

Of course we can’t talk about a Royal Wedding, without talking about the bridal gown. Meghan has already wowed us with her incredible engagement ring (containing diamonds from Princess Diana’s private collection) and her stunning ‘Line the Label’ coat (which sold out almost immediately after people saw it) meaning her dress should prove to be quite the sight to behold.  Shortly after the engagement was announced, it was revealed that award-winning Israeli designer Inbal Dror (who dressed Beyonce for the 2016 Grammys!) had been asked to submit dress designs. Expectations are higher than high.


5. The Guestlist

William and Kate’s guestlist for their wedding included big names from the world of royalty, politics and culture with guests including Elton John and Guy Ritchie but Harry, being the youngest Prince, will surely have invited a more colourful group of stars. Tipped guests (besides the queen, obviously) include Serena Williams, Barack Obaba and Harry’s old army buddy, James Blunt. We can’t wait to see who makes (and doesn’t make) the cut!


5. The Afterparty

Meghan’s Hollywood slew of friends and Harry’s reputation as the ‘party animal’ of the royal family means one thing: the afterparty is going to be insane. After the Royals all head to bed early, things are sure to kick off in the grandest possible fashion. You’ve more of a chance of kissing the queen than getting on the guestlist but we still can’t wait to witness the amount of pictures and stories that are sure to be revealed the next day.