On Friday it will be generally dry with lots of sunny spells. However, a few showers are expected across Scotland at times.  Overnight, it will be generally dry but cloudy. Temperatures should be between 2°C and 17°C.


Another dry follows for the UK on Saturday. However, it will be rather cloudy in western Scotland with a little drizzle at times. In the rest of the country there will be variable cloud amounts and sunny spells.  Dry conditions are expected overnight. Temperatures will be between 5°C and 17°C.


On Sunday the weather will be cloudy with light rain across Scotland. The rest of the country will be dry accompanied by sunny spells. However, it will feel rather cold in southern parts of the UK as the easterly wind increases. Similar conditions overnight. Temperatures should be between 7°C and 15°C.


On Monday it will be cloudy with occasional rain over Scotland. The rest of the country should be dry with sunny spells at times. Temperatures will be between 3°C and 14°C.