Monday will be a generally sunny and warm day across England and Wales with some temporary cloud and a gentle southerly breeze. The weather in Scotland and Northern Ireland will be cloudy with light rain from time to time in. Overnight heavy rain will cover the north-west of Scotland but due to hill protection it will be drier in eastern areas.  The weather in Northern Ireland, southern Scotland, western Wales and northern England will be cloudy with sunny spells,. Dry conditions prevail in the rest of the country with sunny periods and fog from time to time with temperatures from 5°C to 16°C.

Tuesday will be cloudy and damp in northern Scotland with heavy rain in western areas but lighter further east. Clouds will also cover Northern Ireland and southern Scotland with periods of  light rain or drizzle. The same weather will affect western Wales and northern England during the morning but will turn dry with sunny spells later in the day. It will be dry and sunny over the rest of the UK with warm and pleasant weather across the southern half of Britain. Temperatures will be between 4°C and 23°C. In Scotland and Northern Ireland it will be rainy overnight, but dry in the other areas with sunny spells and some fog in places.

On Wednesday, rain will cover Scotland and Northern Ireland and will progressively move south-eastwards. By the evening, the rain will be light and patchy. It is expected to be sunny and dry in southern parts unaffected by the rain and unexpectedly warm with high temperatures of 25°C.

On Thursday, cloud coverage will be high at times in England and Wales with a great possibility of showers.  The weather in Scotland and Northern Ireland will be mainly dry and sunny, however, not as warm as the previous two days.

On Friday, the South-west will see some bright and sunny spells but with occasional light rain or drizzle.  In the rest of the UK conditions will be fair with the temperatures remaining more or less stable.