Friday will be a cloudy and rainy day in places for Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the south-west.  Cloud and light rain will spread southwards leaving the south-east of the country sunny and bright with the best of the sun probably in southern Scotland. Later on the day there will be more cloud and patchy rain over most of the country. Overnight, heavy rain is expected in the north parts of Scotland and most of the country will see a great deal of cloud. Over the high ground areas of the Northern parts of UK the air will become colder turning the rain into snow. Expect temperatures between 2°C and 19°C.

Saturday will be rainy and cloudy for most of the country with some sunny spells from time to time. The cold air on the top of Scottish hills will turn rain into snow. The weather during the day won’t be stable across UK. Overnight, the rain will be centered in Wales and the southern parts of the country while snow will cover the Northern Pennines for a time.  Later in the night rain will ease off for most of the UK and the sky will become clear but feeling very chilly. South- east England will probably experience showers and thunder. The temperatures will be between 1°C and 17°C.  


A rainy day for the most parts of the UK on Sunday with the risk of some thunder in the south and south-east.  Northern parts will experience a mixture of sunny spells and rain. During the night, the rain will clear across the east leaving the rest of the UK cooler and showery. There is the possibility of some snow in northern mountains and northern Pennines. Expect maximum temperatures of 11°C to 14°C and minimums of -1°C to 2°C.