Star signs are not just about reading a few lines of a horoscope in a magazine. For some, it’s a science, but it is also a determining factor in our everyday lives

1) It influences your personality.

Depending on how the houses are positioned in your astrological sign in relation to your ascendant, you will have certain well pronounced personality traits, often different from other signs. Each sign has, in effect, it’s own personality, and certain signs have some traits in common! These character traits are often defined by the elements…There are fire signs (Leo, Aries), water signs (Pisces), and earth and air signs. The element which corresponds to you will therefore play a particular role in defining your character.

2) It influences your love life !

Have you ever noticed, for example, that you are inclined to fall in love with the same kind of person ? Not necessarily physically but always with a particular detail in common ? In reality, it’s even more complex than that. It is, in effect, thought to be possible to determine what type of person you are attracted to, just by looking at your star sign.

3) It influences your health !

Surprisingly enough your astrological sign can also have an impact on your health. It is the birth year and the season which play the biggest role. For example, depending on your birth month, you are thought to be more or less likely to develop certain illnesses. And each month corresponds to a different set of illnesses. For example, people born in January are thought to be more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease