She has more star power than most of Hollywood put together. Her charisma is second to none, as she is a woman that could grind a smile out of a sitting rock. She can also act better than almost every single person out there as her numerous awards have proven.

Yet, according to some commentators, Jennifer Lawrence still faces inequality in show business - an industry whose sexist skeletons have started to pour out of closets everywhere since the #MeToo movement started. Those commentators are pointing towards a photo they believe proves a certain level of inequality in movie promotion. 

In a recent photo call in London, Ms Lawrence was in attendance with the other stars of the new film Red Sparrow. Joel Edgerton was there, Jeremy Irons was there and it all seemed fairly dandy. However, as the photos were being taken and then distributed, many social commentators noticed something; the movie stars' attires were very, very different.

On the cold winter day in London, Jennifer Lawrence was in a beautiful low cut dress, while the male stars wore many layers and coats, hiding their bodies from the elements. 

Not all were pleased with this, with Helen Lewis, an editor at New Statesman, tweeting:  "True equality means either Jennifer Lawrence getting a coat, or Jeremy Irons having to pose for a photocall in assless chaps."

Caitlin McBride, a writer with the Irish Independent, similarly commented: "At 27, Lawrence is the youngest out of the group of five, but she has also has the biggest star power, both in the industry and in mainstream recognition. She doesn't need to wear a half-naked dress to get column inches for a new project of hers, it gets column inches simply by her being in it."

Of course, it is entirely plausible that the Silver Linings' Playbook star just wanted to wear the dress because she felt like it and it has little to do with Hollywood's obsession with female beauty. Nonetheless, there is little doubt in the fact that Hollywood and all industries have much to do in the fight against sexism. 

The #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have propelled the subject into the limelight, but many believe that this is just the start of a progression that will end with true equality. Whether that proves to be true, remains to be seen - but we are certainly hoping so! 

Red Sparrow is a story about a Russian spy who becomes entangled in a war she doesn't necessarily want to be a part of.