It's time to cue another media meltdown, as a Kardashian has another baby. Khloe might not be the must famous lady in the clan, but that hasn't stopped an abundance of articles about her pregnancy and soon-to-be born daughter, being written and published online. 

We've decided to write just one more of them to add to the storm! 

This time, the mother to be is Khloe, who according to reports by E Online, is heading to Cleveland to give birth to her daughter as she feels more comfortable there. A source told the online entertainment website that the baby will be born in less than two weeks time, so Khloe has dashed to her preferred birthing location and is now all set. 

They said: "It was a mad rush to get everything to Cleveland and ready." The source said that excitement for the new arrival is at fever pitch and everyone can't wait to dote on the new baby and her mother. They also added that the family will be arriving when it best suits. 

A source also told The People that Khloe will not be leaving Cleveland for some times, stating: "“Khloe is in Cleveland and plans to stay there until the baby is born. She is too far along to fly back and forth."

Just last week Khloe tweeted about the imminent arrival, writing: "Been decorating the baby nursery all day! We are so close! Im getting more and more anxious and excited with everyday." That's a feeling any expectant mother can relate to and although Khloe may have an abundance of riches, it doesn't change the fact that this is a nervous time. Thus it makes sense that Khloe would want her mother around to help. 

The E source added that Khloe's mother, Kirs Jenner, will be near as the baby is born. With the People source adding that this is exactly what Khloe is yearning for. They said: “She is doing great and seems very happy every day. Her family is flying to Cleveland when it’s baby time. Khloe especially wants Kris there for the birth." 

Asides from Kris, it's not clear what other family members will make the trip. 

In regards to what the child might be called, at this point nobody knows. However, there is one name that can be crossed off the list, after Khloe tweeted "Rose is so cute but no that’s not on my list."

She tweeted this after online speculation that she may choose that name as she posted several pictures of the flower.