Look at this really fat cat run 

It’s mildly terrifying.


Cats are known for their agility and being light on their feet – it’s why Catwoman is such a good superhero, with her ability to pounce from nowhere and strike.

But not all cats, apparently. Look at this.

Isn’t that mildly distressing? A bit terrifying? It is, because this large cat running doesn’t fit into any of our pre-conceptions of what a cat running looks like.

Look at it again. Are we sure that’s not a Pokemon? Did Pokemon Go just have an update? Why’s it heading straight towards us?

But once the terror subsides you can’t help but feel sorry for Large Cat. You can see in the cat’s eyes it knows it’s a little different, and just wants a friend.

So the next time you see a large cat running, be its friend. But make sure you’ve got food.