Michael B. Jordan has no interest in meeting his namesake, the NBA and Chicago Bulls’ legend... not yet, anyway. 

The brilliant actor, who played the villain in the Black Panther movie, revealed all in an intriguing interview in this month’s edition of Men’s Health magazine.

His reasoning for not wanting to meet the basketball legend, is that he wants to on equal footing with the Space Jam star first. Some would say that he already is, but that is not a view he shares. 

He said: “I'm competitive. I want to compete in anything I do. That came from my name. Growing up in sports and having a name like Michael Jordan and being teased, I had to compete. I couldn't be the guy with the name and not be good at it. That carried over to everything. I'm like, I've got to be just as great if not greater than he was in his field.

“I never met Michael Jordan. I never want to officially meet him until I'm at a point where he knows who I am and I know who he is. And it would be our mutual respect thing. Until then it would just be a ‘this guy has your name, ha ha.' I don't want that. So that pushes me to keep working too. These things motivate me.”

The 31-year-old also discussed his potential legacy and what he plans to do next, as his career continues to go from height to height.

"Life is short, you know? I want to leave something behind. A blueprint. A work ethic. Something that my great-grandkids and their kids and their kids can see: This is where it started. Lineage. Intergenerational wealth. Things that are here forever. All that," he said. 

Jordan also discussed his latest role, in Fahrenheit 451. Based on the Ray Bradbury novel, the show will tell the story of future “firemen” who seek out books and burn them. He wasn't sure if he wanted to be in such a show, considering his community's interaction with authority figures. 

The actor said: “I was cautious. I wasn't exactly sure if I wanted to play an authority figure due to the relationship between my community and the police. I wasn't sure if I wanted to play that character. But once I got into the book, heard what [director] Ramin [Bahrani] envisioned, and understood what he wanted to say, then it was like, ‘I got it. I want to be a part of it.”

Fahrenheit 451 will be on HBO in May.