For those of you unfamiliar with Dr. Oz, he presents a popular daytime television show entitled The Dr. Oz Show. Those of you who are familiar with him, will know that he is no stranger to controversial viewpoints on some aspects of health.

For instance, in the past he has talked positively about all sorts of diets and detoxes which have since been proved to be less than ideal. Of course, he does occasionally give good health advice too.

Nonetheless, most of us were shocked when he was made a member of the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness and Nutrition. This job sees him as a part of an advisory board who are expected to promote healthy living.

Thus, one of his latest tweets has shaken up quite a few folks. It was sent out to his 4.3 million followers last week (and has since been deleted).

It read: “For centuries, we have used astrological signs to examine our personality and how we interact with those around us, however, these signs may reveal a great deal about our health as well. Discover what your astrological sign can tell you about your health.”

The tweet also included a link, which led those who clicked through to a slideshow about the subject.

 The slideshow included such statements as “On the Vitruvian man diagram, Leos are embodied by the arms, forearms, and hands. Astrologer Rebecca Gordon explains that for Leos, “their goal is communication, to serve as a messenger of an illuminated mind.” Pain or tightness in the hands and fingers may occur more often for this star sign.”

People should not be too surprised, as Dr. Oz has actually had an astrology segment on his show. Astrology isn’t something everyone believes in or embraces, so over the past week, Oz has faced quite a bit of backlash.

For instance, Derick Lowe wrote this in ScienceMag: “What’s next? I can just see this credentialed hack earnestly pointing at maps of the soles of the feet to enlighten the masses about reflexology, or extolling the diagnostic benefits of the bumps on the skull. What am I saying – he’s probably done those already, and if he hasn’t, it’s not for lack of shame. Dr. Oz is a double recessive for shame.”

On the website for The American Council on Science and Health, Alez Berezow also expressed disgust. He wrote: “There is no conceivable biological mechanism by which the planets or stars or comets or anything celestial can affect your life -- unless a meteor smashes into your house. Dr. Oz Has No Morals… Perhaps short of murdering somebody on live TV, there is literally nothing Dr. Oz won't say or do to make money.”

No matter what your feelings are on Oz, there is little doubt that he has created quite a stir.