Certain astrological signs are naturally happy from birth…People who know how to see the good in every situation and who, as a result, are happier in their everyday lives !

N°1 : Pisces

The Pisces has an internal energy which isn’t easy to break ! He knows how to live alongside the everyday, ordinary misery of human life.

N°2 : Aries

Passionate and energetic, The Aries is an active, almost invincible, person ! It is not a fragile sign and the Aries is therefore equipped to handle adversity and hard blows.

N°3 : Scorpio

Another strong sign, potentially dangerous to his/her enemies. The Scorpio’s ultimate objective is the happiness of those closest to him. He will do anything in order to make them happy… this in turn making him happy too !

N°4 : Taurus

The Taurus has everything going for him when it comes to achieving happiness and personal fulfillment : A big heart, human warmth and an open mind. The Taurus gives himself the means to be happy and is, as a result, a decidedly happy person !

N°5 : Gemini

Gemini is one of the luckiest signs of the Zodiac ! That’s why he is often happy !