Certain astrological signs have a natural tendancy to spend…Some would say that they are generous, yes, but sometimes generosity can lead to certain financial problems. Is your sign among the most spendthrift?

1) Aries

Aries tend to be fairly spendthrift, sometimes even very spendthrift. This is especially because they like to make the most of life and don’t want to miss out on a good opportunity ! They tend to crack for impulsive buys, even when they don’t need it…

2) Cancer Cancer is a capricious sign. As a result, when Cancer has an idea or a purchase in mind, he will climb mountains in order to offer it to himself. And if his bank account isn’t overflowing, he will stick his head in the sand and buy it without batting an eyelid.

3) The Leo

Leos like luxury and appreciate being noticed. They are capable of cracking for futile, useless but flashy objects. The Leo refuses himself nothing ! What counts most for him is being noticed by others thanks to what he possesses.

4) The Libra

Libra also likes nice things. That said, he won’t put his bank account in the red and prefers to wait till he has the means before buying himself something….But he will buy himself it, that’s for sure ! The sales are his favourite period…a time when he can spend without counting !

5) The Scorpio

Careful, The Scorpio can spend everything at once on a whim in order to satisfy his desire. He is a born gambler…It does him the world of good and equips him with nerves of steel. The more he spends, the happier he is !