The new pound coin is here! But what on earth is its hidden security feature? 

Sounds pretty suspicious if you ask us.


The new 12-sided £1 coin enters circulation today. Aside from looking really cool (see ya later, rounded edges!) it’s got a whole host of hi-tech features, which you can find out about on the website introducing the coin.

They include milled edges, a hologram and wait, what’s this? A “hidden high security feature”? It sounds like something out of James Bond if you ask us.

New pound coin
(Martin Keene/PA)


Seeing as this hidden high security feature is so hilariously vague, people are rushing to suggest what it could be.

Some are taking the security thing pretty seriously.

For others, their first thought is obviously about Brexit.

The more suspicious types out there think it involves some kind of chip or tracker, which is an alarming prospect.

But not everyone is so paranoid – some think that the Royal Mint is just having us on.

Unfortunately it looks like this “hidden security feature” won’t help in many of the early teething problems expected at coin-operated machines. Be careful next time you get the munchies and hit up the vending machine, because some will not immediately accept the new coin.

The old coin and the new coin will co-exist together for a period of around six months, until the round pound ceases to be legal tender on October 15.