This adorable baby otter was rescued and nursed back to health

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A sick otter cub found abandoned in Wales has been nursed back to health by rescuers from the RSPCA.

The six-week-old otter weighed less than a bag of sugar when she was found in a weak and lethargic state, just a couple of months ago.

Officers from the animal charity hand-reared the animal, and initially had to feed her through a syringe.

The otter curled up in a bowl
The tiny cub weighed just 919 grams when she was found (RSPCA)


Animal collection officer Ellie West first discovered the animal in the Welsh village of Penrhiwllan, in Carmarthenshire.

“It was really touch and go for this poor otter cub, who was in a desperately sorry state when I rescued her,” she said.

“So much energy and emotion has gone into helping and rehabilitating her, and thankfully she responded well to being hand-reared.”

The otter lies on a blanket
The otter is now at a specialist wildlife centre (RSPCA)


After being hand-reared by Ellie, the otter was transferred to a pen at a badger centre for rehabilitation. Now she’s in a specialist wildlife centre where she’ll stay for at least a year.

If all goes well, the otter should be released back into the wild some time in 2018.