Will it be the hottest July ever recorded?

Most of us are more than happy when the weather is hot and sunny.... but what about extreme heat in the form of a heatwave? A large part of the UK has been on heatwave alert since yesterday. What is a heatwave and what is the currrent impact?

But what exactly is a heatwave?

According to the Met Office it occurs when the daily temperature exceeds the normal average by 5°C more than 5 days in a row.

It has been forecast that the UK might experience the hottest July for the last 10 years!

The last record, according to the Met Office, was in July 2006 when the temperature reached 36°C at Heathrow Airport.

 In 2013 a heatwave of 9 days occurred across the entire the UK with temperatures of around 32.2°C causing as many as 760 deaths.

Several heat alerts have been issued in many parts of the UK today warning people to be well prepared in order to avoid health problems and difficulties.

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