Wimbledon 2015: will it be the hottest tournament ever recorded?

 Wimbledon organisers are taking emergency measures for the fans and players that will be exposed to the heatwave this week! Temperatures are expected to rise above 30°C and everyone is wondering if there will be a weather breaking record for the hottest day at Wimbledon since June 26th 1976 when temperatures reached 34.6°C.  

Should we expect any changes due to this heatwave?

Well just maybe. It seems that there is a heat rule, beneficial only for women, giving them the right to call for a 10 minute break between the second and the third sets when the combination of heat and tiredness makes it necessary.


What is surprising is that in this tournament only women benefit from the heat rule and not men, unlike the Australia Open where it applies to both genders. 

 The referees’ office have said that it hasn't been implemented yet and the two leading players, Federer and Nadal  who have advanced to the second round and were asked about this rule have indicated that the weather conditions haven't been so problematic up to now! So let’s see how the conditions will be for the rest of the tournament this week!