Friday will start cold but bright for most of the UK. Central and eastern parts of England will especially experience bright sunshine. Sleet and showers will occur in Scotland. The amount of cloud cover in the sky will slowly increase over the entire country and rain may affect eastern areas overnight. Temperatures could drop to -2°C and will not exceed 9°C.

On Saturday, many parts of the British Isles will be cloudy withsome light rain. However, England should see drier sunny spells at times. Winds should slowly spread rain eastwards. An area of low pressure coming from the west will cover the UK overnight and bring heavy rain and strong winds, especially in the North and West, which will see colder temperatures.

Rain and strong winds should ease on Sunday to leave showers and sunshine all over the UK. These showers will be wintry in Scotland. Later in the day, south eastern parts of England should be drier, with the chance of some sunny spells. Maximum temperatures of 8°C to 11°C, expect in Scotland where temperatures won't exceed 6°C.