On Friday, clouds will cover many areas with outbreaks of rain, some heavy and persistent, over much of England, Wales and eastern Scotland. Only eastern and south eastern parts of England will stay dry. Rain will ease off in western Scotland, making the area drier with sunshine. Overnight, the weather will turn much drier but also chillier. High temperatures between 7°C to 10°C.

By Saturday, the weather will turn completely dry thanks to a ridge of high pressure across the country. However, the British Isles will be very cloudy and even overcast in south eastern parts of England. Drizzle outbreaks are possible in this area. Temperatures will be chilly with highs of 5°C to 7°C, but reaching 9°C locally.

Weather will remain dry on Sunday. It will be cloudy and overcast, especially in England. Hill fog may develop over east and central Scotland, northern England and north of Wales. Overnight, drizzle could fall in some parts of the UK, and cold temperatures may lead to the development of slight frost. The end of the weekend will still be chilly with highs of 5°C to 8°C.