The beginning of March will be chilly and rainy, but will slowly warm up by Easter.

Sunday 1st of March marked the first meteorological day of spring and you might think warmer and drier weather is on its way.

But as the new season begins, winds, wintry showers and below freezing temperatures are forecast for this first week of March. Although this month is supposed to be colder than average, temperatures are expected to rise up to 21°C in April, for Easter.

Clear skies overnight will be accompanied with cold temperatures as well as fog patches. However, an area of high pressure could cover the UK later next week assuring drier weather.

This winter could be registered as the sunniest winter since records began in 1929.

When does spring really start?

Meteorologists say spring started on the first of March while astronomers insist that it will not have begin until the 20th. Why is there this difference?

Well, it is due to the fact that, for astronomers, the beginning of the season starts with the spring equinox, the time of the year when the length of day and night is equal, which falls on the 20th. However, this date may vary every year and make it difficult for meteorologists to accurately compare the different seasons. They decided therefore to cut the year into 4 seasons of 3 months each, and therefore, spring lasts from the beginning of March till the end of May.